Enlightened, the amazing HBO show by Mike White and Laura Dern, just ended a stellar second season, and now, the question is: will there be a Season Three?

The tragic thing about a great TV show struggling to find viewers is that a lot of people will discover it later and wonder why they didn’t watch it before it got cancelled, when perhaps more viewers could have kept the show alive.

David Simon had an idea for a possible sixth season of The Wire, but they were honestly lucky to get the five that HBO allowed them to have. Most people discovered the show after it was over.

David Milch knew what he was going to do in the fourth season of Deadwood and there was talk of a couple of HBO movies to wrap it up, but now it’s too late. It would be too hard to get the cast back together, and too much time has passed. We got a season of Milch’s John From Cincinnati instead of Season Four of Deadwood, and that’s just the way it is.

Pretty much everybody would love to have that 6th season of The Wire and that 4th season of Deadwood, and if the people at HBO could somehow will those into existence now, they surely would. 

The good news for HBO is that right now, at this very moment, they can make the right call and renew Enlightened. They’ll get all kinds of kudos for it, all kinds of buzz and great press, and we live in an age where a show as good as Enlightened will continue to attract new viewers who keep hearing about how great it is. HBO is a prestige brand, and a show like Enlightened is exactly the kind of show that allows them to distinguish them from other cable channels. 

And just like Amy Jellicoe, we can make a difference— we can “manifest” a third season of this show by letting HBO know we want it to happen:

  • Subscribe to HBO and tell them you’re doing it because of Enlightened. This one’s obvious.  
  • Buy Enlightened Season One on dvd.
  • Buy an Enlightened t-shirt, mug, or poster from the store. (I was passing by the HBO store in Manhattan earlier today and went in to see if I could buy an Enlightened t-shirt or mug but they didn’t have anything. They had merch for almost every other HBO show I could think of. Plenty of News Night with Will McAvoy mugs on sale!)
  • Tweet your support of the show to @hbo and let them know what you think
  • "Like" Enlightened on Facebook

Sometimes these things make a difference and sometimes they don’t. More often than not, they don’t. But I didn’t think we’d get a second season of Enlightened, and we did. Mike White has talked about what he would do in a third season and it sounds amazing. Maybe this is all pointless, but if you like the show, the least we can do is TRY to keep it alive.

Go ahead, at least click the Facebook link, it’ll take like two seconds and costs you nothing.

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