Another year and another day before Halloween that Mommy and Daddy host all of your fears inside of their house. 

A Chamber of Modern Terrors and Social Anxieties that you will consume through an immersive theatre experience. 

Altered Reality, Interactive Spectacles and Twisted Testimonials as a Vortex of Fear opens up and devours everything.

Are you afraid of the DARK? You will become Darkness.

Are you afraid of COMMITMENT? Your boy/girl/friend is here with a justice of the peace.

Are you afraid of SPIDERS? We have a spider.

Are you afraid of DISAPPOINTING YOUR PARENTS?  Too bad.  We invited them, and they don’t get what any of this is.

Are you afraid of HOMOSEXUALITY? We are giving out free samples, and it’s you. 

Are you afraid of EXPRESSING YOUR OPINION? We will make you write an op-ed or something.

Are you afraid of BUTTS? Look out behind you, our finger is in yours. 




Also, there will be comedy, and this show is 95% cheaper than Sleep No More.


Shows at 2PM • 4PM • 6PM • 8PM •10PM • MIDNIGHT

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Stephen Colbert has some ideas to help Republicans woo women voters. Click here to watch.

Cathryn Mudon, being awesome as usual.

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halphillips: Top 5 Twin Peaks characters other than Cooper that you hope return for season 3:

I mean, my first impulse when you eliminated Cooper from my options is to go entirely FBI:

1. Denise Bryson

2. Albert Rosenfield

3. Gordon Cole

4. Chester Desmond

5. Sam Stanley

But that’s ridiculously limiting, isn’t it?  Not that I don’t wish for all of them (and Phillip Jeffries) to return in some form or another, but that’s really just my way of saying how much I miss COOP.

I also am tempted to name Pete Martell, Major Briggs and BOB, in tribute to the fact that those characters WOULD be contenders for my Top 5 if the actors weren’t, sadly, deceased now.

So, who do I really want? I don’t know, Hal.  It’s hard to answer. I’m going to give you a very thoughtful and real Top 5, although you could probably swap out any of the FBI characters I’ve already listed for any of these, and I’d be happy.

1. The Man From Another Place

2. Leland Palmer

3. The Log Lady 

4. Josie Packard

5. Judy Swain

Josie Packard makes the cut not because she’s a Top 5 character but because her character’s final appearance is, in my opinion, the weirdest thing to EVER happen on Twin Peaks, which means it is the weirdest thing to ever happen on any TV show, ever.

I want Leland to appear because Ray Wise is perhaps the best actor on Peaks who isn’t Kyle MacLachlan, and he’s a real trooper who has always been proud to be a part of it. Also, since Frank Silva is gone, I think there is a chance that Leland Palmer could end up filling that creepy otherworldly void a little, maybe?

The Log Lady and The Man From Another Place are the most iconic Peaks characters, they have to be in it.  I’d throw in The Giant, for good measure. I just looked up the old man who played The Elderly Room Service Waiter, and I guess it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that he died very soon after Peaks ended. (Part of me was weirdly hoping that that guy was younger than he appeared and maybe he was still around.)

You may be wondering who the character of Judy Swain is and why I want her to return, but a quick Google search will reveal why I would like to see this obscure one-time character who featured in part of the notorious “Little Nicky” subplot come back to Twin Peaks

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This is I think my favorite part of the first X-Files movie. (I may have re-blogged this before.)

Mulder has dragged Scully out into the middle of nowhere, and she’s due back in Washington for a hearing the next day, and THIS is the moment he chooses to reveal to her that he thinks it’s aliens.

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John Cassavetes: “I’ve always been able to work with anybody that doesn’t want success. Jazz musicians don’t want success… They have these little tin weapons - they don’t shoot. They don’t go anywhere. The jazz musician doesn’t deal with the structured life - he just wants that night, like a kid.” 

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I’m Too Fragile For This LIVE! with special guest Will Hines at the Denver Improv Festival!

So, if you are going to be in Denver on the weekend of October 25th, I’m Too Fragile For This (myself and Cathryn Mudon) are going to be performing a rare live show along with our friend Will Hines. Also, the three of us will be teaching improv workshops the next morning.

Remember when Will was in an episode of I2F4T? Well, this will be fun just like that was.

The show is Saturday night at 10pm at the Bovine Metropolis Theater and you can buy tickets here.


Advanced Agreement with Will HInes

That Thing You Almost Did with Connor Ratliff

Playing It Real with Cathryn Mudon

You should come watch the show and/or take a workshop if you’re in the area and it sounds like something you’d like to do. 

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A Brief History of My Lousy Mood - October 30, 1992

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My “Connor Ratliff for President” commemorative bobblehead fell off a shelf and broke. This is fixable but I am worried this will now happen to me for real.

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The Heartbreak Kid - Elaine May (1972).

Have you ever seen the original Heartbreak Kid? 

Directed by Elaine May from a screenplay by Neil Simon and starring Charles Grodin, this film is one of my favorites. 

I don’t think it is streaming ANYWHERE and the dvd is out-of-print and rare.

But there are scenes in this film that are so funny and scenes in this film that are SO painful to watch. They are often the same scenes.

Criterion should put this out, it belongs on the list of films that everybody who loves Comedy should see.

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We are pleased to present you with our finalized cover design for Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge: The Seven Cities of Gold!

In a story that inspired Steven Spielberg and George Lucas—both big fans of Carl Barks themselves—with iconic parts of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the titular “The Seven Cities of Gold” has Uncle Scrooge and his kin on the hunt for the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola, said to have streets paved with gold. This and other stories, notes, and cover art make up our newest volume of classic, carefully remastered work by the one and only Carl Barks.

When I was in 4th grade I corrected my teacher on a fact she got wrong about the seven cities of Cibola and when she asked me how I knew, I cited an Uncle Scrooge comic by Carl Barks. She then dismissed my correction despite my insistence that “Carl Barks comics are really well-researched!”

I then went to the school librarian and she verified to the teacher that I was right and the teacher was wrong.

(Carl Barks comics are really well-researched.)

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