I made this video for a Twin Peaks bit show at UCB East a couple of years ago, with the always funny Verónica Osorio with some help from Keith Haskel. It also features Matt Dennie, Shalyah Elizabeth Evans, George Kareman & Alan Starzinski.

SPOILER ALERT: it doesn’t reveal WKLP but it does spoil a few very big things, so if you haven’t seen the full series, steer clear.

Knobland was an unaired Twin Peaks spin-off developed by Mark Frost & David Lynch with writer/actor Ted Blitzer in 1992.  The groundwork for the series was laid in episode 16 of that show’s second season, and actress Joan Chen’s exit from Peaks was intended to be explained by her new show.  Unfortunately, the combination of diminishing enthusiasm from ABC and the fact that this pilot episode came in over budget and with a running time of 2 minutes led to the project being shelved.

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Tonight The Stepfathers’ suggestion from the audience was “golden rule.”

After one scene about the actual golden rule and another scene about a man who had made a fortune as a gold trader, I took the opportunity to initiate a scene about a man whose most prized possession was the Best Supporting Actress Oscar won by Mercedes Ruehl.

I knew that there was a reasonable chance that most of the audience would be alienated by this move, but I made a real effort to explain who Mercedes Ruehl was, and that she had won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Fisher King, so I think it turned out alright. 

I guess the point of this story is the same as that fable about the scorpion and the frog.

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I’m Too Fragile For This, Episode 8: ”DTF”

News Flash: there will be a new episode of I2F4T screening at tonight’s CS/WS at UCBeast! I have not seen it yet, neither has Mudon, but Tom Levin tells us that Neil Casey makes another fantastic appearance as Brother Neil!

(The episode will be available online soon-ish.)

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We reach out to old friends and fans of the show, asking them where they think we lost our soul.

Considering this is just a bunch of us sitting on camera, this was a surprisingly fun episode.

I’m showing off a lotta leg in this episode.

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I miss your pumpkin hands, Connor!

I have real human hands.

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MONDAY • JULY 28th • 8:00PM • UCB EAST

This month’s show will be an exciting one! 

We have Sasheer Zamata from Saturday Night Live, Ben Warheit from Late Night with Seth Meyers and musical guest Mike Doughty!

Plus, I have heard a rumor that there will be an audience member dressed up as Max Rebo, but I can’t guarantee that.

You can make a reservation here.


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Google knows that my talk show is second only to my educational foundation, but way more important than my museum.

The George Lucas Talk Show happens this Monday, July 28th at 8:00pm at UCB East.

Make a reservation now to avoid disappointment.

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Artist: Brinsley Schwarz
Track: (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1974

Written by Nick Lowe who was playing bass in the Brinsley Schwarz band at the time. Before Elvis Costello had a go at this song. Love the Beatlesque background vocal arrangement.

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The New York Daily News article on The Chris Gethard Show includes a photo gallery which features this photo of me, quite accurately captioned as an example of something from “the fringes of the comedy world”!

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Apologies to anyone who came to see “Ratliff & Woods” tonight expecting that “Connor Ratliff” was the name of the actor who played Stanley on The Office, but this photo and caption were my second favorite thing that happened today.

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